100 Glacier Cyanotypes


The 100 Day Project:

This year I am participating in the 100 Day Project. Starting Tuesday April 3rd 2018, I'll create a cyanotype about Alaskan glaciers every day for 100 days. Follow along on Instagram with hashtags #The100DayProject and #100GlacierCyanotypes

You can learn more about with the 100 Day Project and come up with your own project at the100dayproject.org

May 5 Update: You can read about the first twenty plus days on my blog. The project is currently on hold because all my materials got stolen. However I plan to resume when I can.

June 27 Update: Another blog post, now I'm about 60 days in. 


Support this project and glaciology education in Alaska:

Own your own unique cyanotype print from the 100 Glacier Cyanotypes Project. Each print costs $30, includes shipping within the USA, and $10 will go to support field-based glaciology education. Programs we support include the Juneau Icefield Research Program (JIRP) and the Youth Geology Camp hosted by the Wrangell Mountains Center (WMC) and the Wrangell Institute for Science and Environment (WISE)

I'm in the backcountry until mid August, 2018. Any cyanotypes purchased before then will be sent out in mid-August. Thanks for understanding.