Science Illustration & Natural History Art

Selected Client Projects

Working with a client to develop a series of illustrations is an involved process that requires several steps and good communication. The process usually begins with a fair amount of research and brainstorming. I put together some thumbnail sketches, usually by scanning a pencil sketch into Photoshop where I can color it in and begin working it in with the design. This gives the artist and the client something concrete to critique. Getting the an illustration correct is important to my clients and to me, so some illustrations require a lot of back and forth before everything is ready to go. Next I develop a preliminary drawing, which is done closer to the scale and level of detail of the final work. This allows another step to edit the illustration. Eventually I create the final artwork, which can be done in traditional media, digitally, or a combination of the two. Most of my final work needs to be in a digital format, which leaves room for final revisions. 

elow I describe some projects that I have been commissioned to work on.


Copper River Watershed Project


I created artwork for eight interpretive signs in the Upper Copper River Basin. These signs are placed in different communities on the side of the highway. The project involved working closely with the Copper River Watershed Project, their many agency partners, and other groups involved in the area and collaborating with a design firm (Whittington Evans Communications) and writer Wendy Erd. The signs explored watershed cultural and natural history to build a connection across a diverse and widespread landscape.


Alaska Geographic

Alaska Geographic publishes books about the national parks in Alaska. I helped illustrate their recent book on Katmai National Park and Preserve. Illustrations ranged from natural to cultural history; themes including bird watching, paleontology, recreating a subterranean dwelling people used to live in, and depicting the novarupta.


North Slope Borough


Partnow Consulting and the North Slope Borough hired me to design and illustrate educational material for the Inupiat Heritage Center in Barrow, AK and the Simon Paneak Memoriak Museum in Anaktuvuk Pass, AK. I worked with them to create two activity sticker books to help interpret exhibits for younger children.  I also designed two catalogs for teachers with worksheets for different activities for students aged K-12.


Kennecott & McCarthy Visitors Guide


Overstory Consulting commissioned me to create a series of maps for the new Kennecott & McCarthy Visitors Guide. The maps were created in Adobe Illustrator to be printed in color and black and white. You can download a free copy online and learn about the area where I live.