Travel with me to Vietnam and Cambodia

Travel Sketchbook Tips

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Note: Images shown here are examples of sketches created by Kristin Link. They are similar to what will be included, but not necessarily the work that will be in the final book.

Join me inside my sketchbook...

This February I am journeying to Vietnam and Cambodia for two weeks and I want to bring you with me.

I will be keeping a travel sketchbook documenting my experiences – landscapes, sights, smells, patterns, natural history, who knows what we will discover! When I return I’m going to put my sketches together in a 5 x 7” book to sell, but I want to make this experience more fun and interactive for both of us.

In addition to my travel sketchbook I will also send you two postcards from my travels and some other treats for your senses. The treats will be a surprise collection of small items picked to give your nose, tongue, hands, ears, and eyes a taste of Southeast Asia. For example they might include a sample of fresh spices, a scrap of cloth, a pressed flower or natural ephemera. I’m excited about getting creative with this project, and will put a lot of thought and love into this. I hope you’re excited too and choose to join me. It’s going to be a fun adventure.

Travel Sketchbook Experience

Get the whole experience!

The travel experience includes:

  • 2 postcards – one from Vietnam or Cambodia while I’m traveling, and one with my artwork on it that I will mail from the US when I return at the end of February.
  • An 8.5 x 5.5” book of sketches from my travels. Will contain fifteen or more sketches and be full of inspiration for learning about Vietnam and Cambodia or for keeping your own travel sketchbook
  • Treats for your senses – a few small surprise handpicked items curated to bring you with me.

The sketchbook and treats will ship by the end of March/ first week in April. Shipping and postage is included (but $10 extra outside of the United States).

No longer available, but you can get a copy of my travel sketchbook