Thank you for visiting. I work as a natural history artist and science illustrator from my home in McCarthy, Alaska.

Fine Art

I enjoy making work about the natural world that isn't quite "science illustration". This work includes drawings, paintings, cyanotype prints, and other mixed media. It is my venue for exploring our relationship with the natural world and diving into the subjects that are of deep interest to me. I also am happy to create commissions for others.

Science Illustration

I love to create visuals that explain a process or a place. From pop up books for children, interpretive signs, coloring books, and other educational materials, I have experience creating engaging, one of a kind visuals. Here you will find a selection of projects that I have worked on, as well as portfolios of black and white, color, and digital work. Further information and professional recommendations are available upon request.

Contact me with any questions or comments, or read my blog or newsletter for the most recent updates: